SEB solutions LLC.

Building ideal teams and tailored solutions for your specific needs.

We build simple reservoir models to Test your ideas in the simulator early. More complex models are built with the client as the Multidisciplinary Team understanding of geologic scenarios increases through iterations in the flow-simulator.

 “Start simple, build complexity as we learn.”

SEB solutions LLC. is a Company focused on integrated multi-disciplinary projects. We provide practical solutions, benefiting from decades of Geologic Modeling Experience in active development of conventional and unconventional fields. 

| Static to Dynamic Iteration Loops |

We hold Strategic Alliances with established subject matter experts (SME's) of 10+ years of industry experience in different disciplines to work on special projects. 

| INTEGRATE with your TEAM to PRODUCE MORE. | Oil, Gas, Heat, ENERGY+ |

Our purpose is to provide a space to work with your Team for idea creation, innovation, and delivery of Integrated results based on our Experience and passion for Geologic Reservoir Modeling. 

We provide static reservoir modeling solutions designed for dynamic flow simulation studies and geomechanics loops to maximize field performance. 

Our approach is centered and designed around your Team; The Customer receiving the product. Delivering full field to sector modeling solutions with your specific needs in mind from day 1